Domestic Abuse Housing Alliance

When escaping a violent partner women are often forced to flee their homes with their children or seek support to remain safely in their home. The housing sector has a critical role to play in keeping them safe, but agencies can sometimes lack the skills, knowledge, or procedures to tackle domestic abuse with confidence.

The Domestic Abuse Housing Alliance (DAHA) is a partnership between Standing Together Against Domestic Violence, Peabody, and Gentoo Group.  It's mission is to improve the housing sector’s response to domestic abuse through the introduction and adoption of an established set of standards and an accreditation process. 

We work to improve the housing sector’s response to domestic violence by:

  • Setting an accreditation standard for housing providers.
  • Gathering best practice from across the sector.
  • Developing service assessment tools.
  • supporting individual housing providers to improve.

The right response can save lives

The housing sector is ideally placed to identify, recognise, and prevent domestic abuse in their properties.

Small changes in practice and procedure could result in a life-saving intervention. On average, two women a week are killed by a current or former partner in the UK.

Responding effectively to domestic abuse makes communities safer and reduces the fear of crime in your neighbourhoods.

National Domestic Abuse Service Standards

The National Domestic Abuse Service Standards produced by DAHA enable housing providers to examine service delivery and practice, identifying gaps and areas for improvement.

The Standards cover the following priority areas:

  • Policy and procedures.
  • Case management, monitoring and evaluation.
  • Risk management.
  • Inclusivity and accessibility.
  • Holding perpetrators accountable: support, enforcement and prevention.
  • Partnership working.
  • Training.
  • Publicity and awareness.

Following assessment against the National Domestic Abuse Service Standards, housing providers are supported by DAHA to draw up and roll out an improvement plan.

Why sign up to the standards?

  • Improve staff skills and confidence in identifying and dealing with domestic abuse.
  • Make sure your residents get the right response every time.
  • Connect to effective local initiatives through industry-standard referral tools.
  • Reduce costs from violence-related repairs, turnover of stock, and rent arrears.
  • Lessen the £18bn annual cost to the public purse from domestic violence through earlier intervention.

People suffering domestic abuse will often experience 30+ incidents before reporting the abuse to anyone. Make sure your team are ready to support them when they need it most.

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