Safety Across Faith and Ethnic (SAFE) Communities Project

Standing Together is proud to announce a new initiative to empower communities to be a part of the coordinated community response to domestic abuse.  We know that most survivors of abuse are likely reach out to friends, family and community networks for help in the earliest stages of abuse.  The SAFE Communities project will ensure that domestic abuse and violence against women and girls are tackled holistically by targeting support to those in the tri-borough area who are likely to be approached first by survivors for help. We believe that working with and empowering communities to understand, recognise and address domestic abuse is essential. Grassroots communities and faith groups have the power and potential to make a real difference in the lives of survivors and hold perpetrators to account.

Standing Together is committed to ensuring that community work is prioritised and becomes more consistent and effective. We are interested in supporting, capacity building and highlighting the work that different groups do at different levels to tackle domestic abuse and violence against women and girls in their communities.  Where needed, we will mentor, train and support a group or an organisation to educate its members and supporters about domestic abuse and the wider context of violence against women. We will guide them on how to help and support victims and their families.

Standing Together believes that one of the most effective ways to tackle domestic abuse and violence against women and girls is by creating connections and facilitating trusting relationships between grassroots community groups/organisations and specialist service providers as well as statutory services such as the police and social services. We would provide this opportunity to the communities we engage with should they wish to take it up.

To find out more or if you are interested in accessing this support for your organisation or group please contact us.