European Protection Order

On 4th February 2016, history was made in the Hammersmith Specialist Domestic Abuse Court (SDAC) when the first European Protection Order (EPO) was imposed in England & Wales. In simple terms, the granting of an EPO means that bail conditions or conditions of a restraining order can travel with the victim, affording them protection in a specified EU member state. In this case the victim had returned to Sweden. A restraining order was granted as well as an EPO so that she is protected in the UK and well as in Sweden.

The Officer in the Case stated: 

“Without the work of the Impact team Legal Specialist and the Court Coordinator it is unlikely the EPO would have been granted. [The Legal Specialist] was excellent at researching and providing detail on the new legislation to me to ensure the paperwork was correctly competed and [the Court Coordinator] was diligent at facilitating contact between the CPS, courts and the police. Without them this EPO would certainly not have been granted. The Clerk of the Court was extremely helpful in providing information and advice on the day of sentencing. I feel this case is the perfect example of how partnership working can provide an excellent service to survivors of domestic abuse and should be more widely implemented to further these aims.”