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Standing together against domestic violence

'Sandwell Domestic Abuse Strategic Partnership found the work undertaken by Standing Together to be extremely beneficial ... Standing Together utilised their expertise in delivering a co-ordinated community response to Domestic Violence to help Sandwell identify  and assess the partnerships' strengths and weaknesses as a mechanism for moving forward'

Sandwell Domestic Abuse Strategic Partnership, 2011

Making Partnerships Work

Partnership is at the heart of an effective response to domestic violence.  It is unfortunately still true that some partnerships exist only to commission services. We believe that specialist services are crucial to the safety of the victim and children and as a means of helping perpetrators to change their behaviour. But there will never be enough of such services.

This means that:

• The statutory sector needs to take on a greater responsibility for responding to domestic violence within its own agencies.

• The statutory sector must work with other agencies (both voluntary and statutory) in a multi-agency, connected and coordinated way.

Partnerships will not just happen, they require dedication to coordination, training, information sharing and development.

We have extensive experience of developing, managing and operating a successful local model that produces positive results for victims and their families. We are also vastly experienced at translating this model into local contexts. Whilst we believe we can help develop the solutions to domestic violence, it is the ownership, skills and knowledge of the area which will turn models into success.

Over the years we have worked across the UK (and abroad) and within successful and less successful partnerships. From large county structures to districts and unitaries, we adapt or support according to the needs of the local area.

Examples of what we can do to help your local partnership:

• Full review of your partnership, its response and developments for the future

• Review of any aspect of your partnership (e.g. Specialist Domestic Violence Court, Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conferences)

• Facilitated days with key partnership members to consider future plans

• Coaching for partnerships, or individuals within the partnership

• Training on all aspects of domestic violence and related partnerships

• Self-assessments of partnerships, with mechanism for comparison

• Guidance on strategies and action plans

• Chairing of conferences, seminars etc.


What others say:

'Sandwell Domestic Abuse Strategic Partnership found the work undertaken by Standing Together to be extremely beneficial. We have, to date, used the document to guide our discussions around future developments; in particular using the recommendations to endeavour to steer the Governance structures in the future.

Standing Together utilised their expertise in delivering  a co-ordinated community response to Domestic Violence to help Sandwell identify  and assess the partnerships' strengths and weaknesses as a mechanism for moving forward.'

Domestic Violence Coordinator, Sandwell Domestic Abuse Strategic Partnership, 2011

"We knew we had got somewhere on responding to high risk victims and survivors of domestic violence in Southampton through our IDVA and MARAC work but recognised the need to earlier interventions to prevent cases escalating to this level and really make a difference.  Anthony Wills and Standing Together were commissioned, because of their extensive experience of working on dv issues, to review what we were doing in Southampton and to come up with some ideas for solutions to this issue. Anthony carried out extensive research with survivors and local providers of statutory and specialist services to produce an excellent report.  This detailed suggested solutions which were professionally presented to our Councillors and Executive Safe City Partners.

As a result of this work and our own subsequent 'invest to save' business case, domestic violence issues now have the backing of senior partners in Southampton and we are working on implementing a more structure 'medium risk' response.  In addition we have sustained investment in the high risk services despite the current austere times and we have no doubt this was triggered by the initial work delivered by Anthony Wills and Standing Together"

Southampton Domestic Violence Partnership, 2011

For more information on how Standing Together could help your partnership, and to discuss possible consultancy oppertunities, please contact Standing Together's new CEO Nicole Jacobs


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Last Modified: 14th January 2014

Domestic Homicide Reviews

What is a Domestic Homicide Review?

Domestic Homicide Reviews (DHR) explore the circumstances that led to the death of a victim who was either in an intimate relationship or a member of the same household as the perpetrator. The reviews aim to prevent similar tragedies from happening in the future by bringing together public agencies like social services, health authorities and police, and also voluntary organisations. The review will outline what involvement each agency had with the victim and/or perpetrator, identify any gaps in service provision and through the lessons learnt, improve responses to domestic violence.

The reviews are part of the Domestic Violence, Crime and Victims Act 2004 and became law from 13th April 2011. The Home Office has produced guidance on the process of conducting the reviews, however, the structure and administration of these reviews is dependent on the DHR chair and some of whom have limited experience of the DHR process.


What Standing Together can offer you?

Standing Together has been involved in the DHR process from its inception and has built a body of knowledge and skills that we believe is invaluable. We have chaired 20 reviews and through our experience we have developed an effective process that delivers clear outcomes at a competitive cost. We understand and balance the needs of the CSP, panel agencies with the sensitivities of the victim’s family.

We offer a complete and inclusive approach that delivers high quality overview reports and independent chairing. We add value by:

· Supporting CSP’s with pre-DHR advice and post DHR services based on our significant experience and expertise;
· Delivering a total administrative support package;
· Providing templates for all elements of the review;
· Conducting a quality assurance process;
· Establishing a family liaison system; and
· Supervising and supporting the chair (our associate).


Why choose Standing Together?

We believe in a coordinated, multi-agency partnership approach to domestic violence and we also believe in DHRs and feel they can deliver change in an area where change is needed.

Through strong leadership and support we will ensure we have correct and committed agency representation, conduct thorough analysis of findings, and develop clear and focused recommendations with systems to monitor their implementation and success. With the history and expertise of Standing Together supporting your partnership, we know we can deliver your DHR in a way which ensures that disruption to your staff is minimised and a highly professional product is delivered.

For further information please contact Standing Together at




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In Search of Excellence: A Guide

Following the publication of “In Search of Excellence” a guide to domestic violence partnerships, Standing Together are now offering free support to such partnerships across the UK. The intention of this offer is to emphasise the messages within the guidance and help partnerships develop and improve at this challenging time.

Obviously this can only be limited support. It has become possible due to some Government funding (Transitional Funding) and we are offering up to half a days support. This could consist of speaking at your local conference, briefing your strategic group or providing a quick assessment of your current position and potential. Facilitation at meetings is also possible within this timescale. Crucially it is designed to satisfy your needs in your context and we will happily discuss how we can best support you. The consultant will be Nicole Jacobs who is the new CEO of Standing Together, joining us in 2013, and is very experienced at building effective partnerships. The only compensation we must ask for are any travelling expenses.

If you are interested in this offer please email us and we will get back to you.