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Standing together against domestic violence

'Standing Together training activities are highly valuable and effective. In our experience they were able to grasp the specificities of different national/local contexts and adapt their training to them. They made a difference in all the areas where they intervened. Their unusual mix of high level professional expertise and deep commitment to social change was crucial: they said the right things at the right moments and they believe in what they say. Professionals as well as the general public were struck by this and followed them with increasing enthusiasm'

Giuditta Creazzo – WOSAFEJUS DAPHNE III Project Transnational Scientific Coordinator

Our Work Internationally

Standing Together began out of the innovative and pragmatic approach adopted in Duluth, Minnesota. Before we commenced our model, some members visited Duluth and it was this personal contact that inspired many of them to move forward with the project.

We have always believed that we can learn from others wherever they are. Of course our travels have amply confirmed the truth that domestic violence is an issue that knows no boundaries. Despite our theoretical knowledge of the ubiquity of domestic violence, the testimony of survivors from all over the world, exactly mirroring the local realities, can be a salutary experience.

For this reason we maintain links with colleagues and partners across the globe. In our very early days we were invited to China for a week to describe our practice and help them develop a broader response to the issue. Their context was one of great academic endeavour hampered by a legal process that saw domestic violence as largely a private matter.

From then on we realised we could both help develop partnerships across the world but also learn ourselves. Since that first visit we have:

• Developed a database to allow victim tracking, supported by EU funding through the Daphne grant

• Supported the development of new approaches to domestic violence in Vancouver, Canada

• Visited Treviso, Italy and Brussels, Belgium to outline our approach and practice

• Begun a project in conjunction with European partners (Italy, Romania and Spain) to explain why women will not prosecute the perpetrators of their abuse, again funded by the Daphne project.

We will continue to spread our message and work with projects and partnerships across the world with the intention of securing the safety of women and establishing a context of equality and power within all relationships.

For more information about our International work please contact Nicole Jacobs.


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Last Modified: 1st July 2011 

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