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Standing together against domestic violence

"Standing Together have consistently helped all of us, in this global effort to end violence in the lives of women and children, to think better, do better and in doing so create a better future"

Ellen Pence, Praxis International, Duluth, Minnesota USA

About Us

Launched more than 13 years ago, Standing Together works to promote a co-ordinated, multi-agency community response to domestic violence. This approach recognises that no one agency can tackle domestic violence effectively if acting alone. Without effective coordination of activities between agencies, responses are less effective and survivors of domestic violence are still at risk of falling through the gaps in the system.

The coordinated partnership model enables all the relevant agencies to identify and respond successfully to domestic violence. We work together with statutory and community organisations - from criminal justice agencies to children’s services and refuges - to ensure that victims and children are safer, and perpetrators are held to account.

We also influence national policy and practice by initiating and driving innovation in providing safer options for women and holding perpetrators accountable. We have influenced national and local government and ensured a better response to domestic violence. As a result, significant and positive changes have occurred in the provision of special courts and enhanced expert services and policies aimed at reducing the risk to women.

Thanks to Home Office sponsorship, we have published In Search of Excellence, A Guide to Effective Domestic Violence Partnerships. This publication is a best practice guide which explores the partnership model in detail. It is designed to help local areas understand the key factors which make the partnership model successful and work within their own context in order to deliver appropriate, effective responses.



Last Modified: 1st July 2011

What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is a serious and high-volume crime. It is a pattern of controlling and abusive behaviour, held together by the threat and use of violence. Domestic violence is widespread: approximately every minute in England and Wales, the police receive a call for assistance. One in four woman have experience domestic violence and one in six men.

Domestic violence kills. At least two woman are murdered in the UK by their current or former partner every week. The estimated cost of domestic violence in England and Wales in 2008 was £18 billion*.

*The Cost of Domestic Violence, Sylvia Walby UNESCO Chair in Gender Research Lancaster University, 2004