In response to more agencies working remotely, we at STADV have developed a plan we hope will continue to facilitate effective communication and partnership working between agencies, whilst recognising additional time, and environmental constraints. This is, and will be, an ongoing trial process. We have mapped out ‘check in’ points to review how this trial is working, taking in all feedback and amending as needed.

Coordinated Community Response

Survey For completion by Lead Domestic Abuse Service Commissioners, or a representative on their behalf

Mapping Local Authority, PCC and CCG Domestic Abuse Commissioning Leads

Standing Together Against Domestic Violence (STADV) has been appointed, by the Domestic Abuse Commissioner’s Office for England and wales, to create a nationwide picture surrounding the commissioning of domestic abuse (DA) services, across every Police and Crime Commissioner office, Local Authority and Clinical Commissioning Group.

Job Vacancies

Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conferences are meetings where information is shared on the highest risk domestic abuse cases to ensure that all parties put in place a plan for safety. MARACs are known to reduce serious harm to those most at risk of domestic violence. This role will include elements of deputising for the MARAC coordinator, who works in the London boroughs.

VAWG events

Launching the Faith and VAWG Coalition: Building on the Lessons from the Safety Across Faith and Ethnic (SAFE) Communities Project @ STADV

To book please go to:

About this Event

5 March 2020

Time 9.30-3.00pm

Venue: Central London TBC

Lunch: Included

Coordinated Community Response

Coordinated Community Response

It has been announced today that, Standing Together's CEO, Nicole Jacobs has become the UK's first Domestic Abuse Commissioner .  Everyone at Standing Together is delighted and proud of this appointment and wish Nicole every success in her new role.  

Read more here.

Coordinated Community Response

Join in this year’s national campaign to celebrate the strength of women! 

November 25th every year marks the United Nations day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.  At Standing Together Against Domestic Violence, we use this time of year to celebrate the strength of women who have survived VAWG, or supported someone who has.  

Coordinated Community Response

Read our recent blog  "Standing Together: Multi agency working and co-location in children's social care" on the SafeLives KNowledge Hub here


Whole housing is an exciting new project coming out of the housing team and linked to our work with DAHA.  

The Whole Housing programme brings together domestic abuse systems leaders to establish comprehensive housing practice in relation to domestic abuse and deliver a ‘Whole Housing’ approach for the first time in three local areas:

Mental Health

Here are our upcoming courses:

Day 1: Understanding the Dynamics of Domestic Abuse:  11th June 2019 - Book Here

Day 2: Skills and Tools to Support Survivors of Domestic Abuse: 18th June 2019

Day 3: Domestic Abuse: Mental Health, Trauma and Self-Care: 15th July 2019 


Day 1: Understanding the Dynamics of Domestic Abuse:  9th October 2019 

Day 2: Skills and Tools to Support Survivors of Domestic Abuse: 30th October 2019 


Day 1: Understanding the Dynamics of Domestic Abuse: 10th March 2020