Coordinated Community Response, Health, VAWG events

We are currently able to offer a number of training sessions online via Zoom;

Understanding the Dynamics of Domestic Abuse (two 3 hour blocks over two days)

We know that working with cases of domestic abuse can be challenging, confusing and complex.

This foundation course will introduce you to practical tools to help you recognise, understand and discuss abusive relationships.  A great space to explore and reflect on your practice.

Structure of this training:

This training will take place over 2 webinars.

VAWG events

Watch a video of our Blooming Strong Campaign in Hammersmith here:


Women in Hammersmith were handed flowers on 26th November to mark a global day of action against Domestic Violence.

The Blooming Strong Campaign saw London's first Victims' Commissioner join charity workers, in an attempt to remind others of the support and services out there to help them.

Fundraising Support, VAWG events

Dr. Gail Dines spoke at this great event which provided insight, information, solutions, and a passion for building a healthy generation of kids.

It's a hard time to be a child. Teens today are bombarded with difficult and ever-changing sexual messages. As a result, it has never been more challenging to parent or mentor kids into healthy adulthood.

As their access to technology widens, young people internalize sexualized messaging which affects their behavior, attitudes, expectations, brain development, and undermines their capacity to build healthy relationships.